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    ARTDECO Co., a professional manufacturer of all kinds sofa and integrates development, production and sale together. We take pride in providing high cost-performance and rich products for customer. Currently, company’s product can be divided into two types, modern and tradition. The main products include sofa bed (QIANZHAO brand), single chair (QIANYI brand), sectional sofa (QIANSHA brand) and bed (QIANCANG brand). All products are original works and based on local design.


    · upholstered bed: varied and easeful

    upholstered bed 

     representative product:LBED30B-SOO1N27


    · Ottoman



    representative product:LCX-300N5

    · Pillow

    More products please contact us.we are striving to be the bigger manufacturer of upholstered bed in China. Our principle is not only providing more choices for customers but also implementing standard and efficient production and manufacturing high quality and competitive products.